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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

All by myself...

Beau is blue, beauisblue, on my own, first time alone,

Today was the first time I have properly left Baby E for the day, and I have felt so lost!

I had a dentist appointment to get root canal treatment (I never got it in the end as they are going to remove it, but numbed my face and had a good root around for an hour!) my appointment was at 11am and my parents came over to collect him for me around 10am. 
I came home after my appointment to an empty house and just felt strange to be on my own - the first time since he was born!

After giving the house a quick tidy up, I chilled and waited for him to come home. 
I missed him a lot and it made me realise how much I enjoy spending time with him even if we are just sitting watching TV or having a cuddle. 

When my mum brought him back around 5pm he was such a happy boy and I was greeted with massive smiles. 

My mum said he didn't feel strange in her house and settled in straight away. (He has been there many times, just never on his own!) and I think my mum was worried incase he cried and she couldn't console him! This was the first time my parents have had him on their own too! So a first for everyone! 

All in all, Baby E enjoyed his day out without mummy and as much as I missed him I did get some bits and bobs done that have been on my 'to do' list for months! 

When did you leave your little one for the day?

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