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Friday, 26 September 2014

Soft Play

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Today we went to a soft play centre in a local town which is just a couple of miles in the car. 
We don't start the day until after 10am as Baby E loves a long lie and why would I disturb that?!
He sleeps right through the night from 7:00/7:30pm until 7:30/8am with a feed and back down until 9:30/10am! 
People say we are very lucky to have such a good sleeper, and boy don't I know it! 

So after getting changed into the days outfit, and a bottle later we are ready to head off! 
Once I had met with my friend and her 7 month old we went to the soft play centre called Crazy Castle. We both love it there and the baby area is lovely, with a ball pit and some soft play shapes! Baby E's just finding out that he can grab at things and pick them up so he had a lot of fun in the ball pit as you can see from the photo above! 
Also the food for the adults is amazing! I secret arranged this play date for the food! Haha!

We will definitely be going back there for sure with it only costing £1 for under 1's! 

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