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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Rimmel Perfect Match Foundation

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One product that is most likely in every girls make up drawer is foundation. 
I am a lover of a good foundation and it has to take something BIG for me to move away from my much loved Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation, but as you have noticed... something has caught my eye!

I have to let you into a little secret, I have tried this before but I bought the wrong shade and ended up looking like one of Willy Wonka's Oompa Loompas that had gone on the run! 
As I was saying... I have been a firm lover of the Stay Matte Foundation but I feel that with it still being summer I need something a bit lighter on my skin. I have been trying Perfect Match for a good month now and I must admit I think this had taken over my love on the foundation front! 
I chose the shade Porcelain which is almost white, a good match for my ghostly skin tone! I love the fact that it is light and goes on beautifully . 
I apply the foundation with a brush which I do with every foundation and Perfect Match blends onto my face beautifully and leaves a lovely finish. 
I would say that because of it's light formula, you do have to reapply if you are going out for the evening as i feel it does wear off by tea time. But with the great weather we have been having, this is not a problem.Who wants to wear a thick foundation is the warmer months anyway?

This has quickly become my go to foundation and I think it'll stay in my make up bag a bit longer! 
What are your thoughts on Rimmel Perfect Match Foundation?

1 comment:

  1. I ALWAYS buy the wrong shade even when I find one that's right I am such a numpty but I love the lighter shade, it definitely needs to be used with powder though xxx

    Blonde of Carbs