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Friday, 25 April 2014

Review; W7 Bronzer

One thing I seem to be loving over winter and into the spring months is a good bronzer.

The fact that it just adds a lovely warm glow to your face and makes you instantly look like you have some colour in you other than looking like some ghost that has just woken up!

I have tried many, many bronzers in my time.  But have never found just the right bronzer for me.
That was until I got my paws on the W7 Bronzer (£1.99)(*)

First of all the packaging is just the cutest and you can quite clearly see the colour though the top of the bronzer. As I have made a few rookie mistakes and bought a bronzer that made me look like I had a dirty face as I hadn't looked at the shade or swatched in the shop!
So because you can quite clearly see the shade without needing to swatch it made my life a lot easier!

The bronzer itself is very pigmented and powder like. I swirl my brush into the bronzer and tap the brush off the lid to remove the excess product. Normally I use this to couture aswell as adding a lovely sun kissed glow to my skin.
With the contouring i suck my cheeks in and get under my cheek bone, making sure I blend as if you don't blend you can end up looking terrible - trust me! I also dust this over my T Zone to add a lovely bronzed glow.

I can't recommend W7 Bronzer enough, the price is just a steal at under £2 and you get a lot of product for the price.  I have been using this everyday for a couple of weeks now and haven't even made an indent, it looks like I have hardly touched it!

Have you every tried the W7 Bronzer? What did you think?

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