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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Review; Le Glow Professional Nail Wraps

Look away now if you hate feet!
This is a whole post related to feet - my feet in particular!

I am the first to admit I neglect my feet, I never moisturise, I don't look after my feet in anyway and I'm pretty sure I am like the mass of people that hate their feet (or just feet in general)

I hate when I see finger nails or toe nails not painted, and mine are no objection.  I always have polish on my nails.
I take more care and attention with my finger nails and not so much one my tootsies.
I literally leave the polish on until it falls off or is chipping pretty badly.
And then i will get some nail polish remover, remove the old nail polish and slick another one on, or in some cases I just paint over the chipping polish, yes I know I am gross!

Anyway, when I saw these I had to try it out!
Le Glow Professional Nail Wraps

This is the first time I have every tried something like this out, it is basically a sticker - but more stronger than a sticker - and pop it on your nails and you are done with no drying time at all.
Because I wasn't a fan of putting them on my finger nails I opted for my toes.
It was slightly tricky with my little toe nails - being heavily pregnant and all!) but I got there.
I popped on the sticker, got little nail scissors and trimmed away, with the sticker a little edgy I smoothed it over with a nail file and filed to the end of my nail.
I didn't put any top coat on (as advised) as it stuck pretty good and was neat enough without it.

And to be really honest I don't think I will every paint my toes again, I am definitely sticking to the Le Glow Professional Nail Wraps from now on!
There are 16 in a packet and I only used 4, obviously I couldn't use them all as they vary in sizes.

Le Glow Professional Nail Wraps come in many, many colours and designs to suit your style.

I have had these on for I'd say a week (maybe just under) and there is no flaking, no peeling, no chipping, nothing! They are in exactly the same condition as when I put them on!

I think these look lovely with sandals or open toed shoes. They look like a professional has done your nails for you, when in fact you yourself did them for a fraction of the price!

Have you tried Le Glow Professional Nail Wraps?


  1. Hey girly, I have nominated you for the Liebster award!

  2. These look awesome on, I forever battle with my feet xxx