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Monday, 1 February 2016

The Best Pregnancy Apps!

Something that I have relied on throughout this pregnancy and the last one are mobile phone apps! Sounds silly but have you ever really thought about how many apps you use from when your planning a baby to the day you pop? I can tell you I use quite a variety, so let me talk you through them!

The first one I downloaded long before I had a baby in my belly was the Period Diary which tracks your period, when your fertile and when your ovulating.  I found this really helpful as before using this I had no idea how long my cycle was or when it even started or finished if I'm totally honest. The Period Diary is so easy to use, just pop in when you start you period and when you end your period and it will find out when your most fertile and what day your likely to ovulate. It was slightly off if I'm honest as we did not conceive when I was ovulating but I still found this really helpful, I highly recommend for anyone that is trying for a baby or even just to track your cycle!

The next app I downloaded was obviously a baby name app! Of course when I found out we were having another one my mind went straight to thinking what name would go really well with Elliott's! So I downloaded Baby Names by Bounty.  This app has every name you can think off and a really handy 'favourite' option which helped us whittle down so many names!
We actually had a girls name straight away, the boys name was more difficult (I think it's because we already have a boy!) I favourited all the names I liked and then told Jordan. He either said yes or no to them. And we then had one boys name and one girls. So now we know we're having a boy - we have his name!

The last app I downloaded was the BabyBump Pro app. This app tracks your journey through pregnancy. Pop in your due date if known or the last day of your period and it will give you how many weeks and days pregnant you are. It'll also tell you what trimester your in and how many days you've got left until your due date! I also like how it give you what day of pregnancy you're on and what size/weight your baby. Today my baby is the size of a Corn!you also get a tip a day, which if I'm honest I don't read as it's usually random and not of interest or relevance. You can also take a photograph every week and upload it to the app and see your belly grow. I used this throughout Elliott's pregnancy too.

What apps are you/have you used through pregnancy? Anything I'm missing out on?

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  1. I had loads with my first but didn't bother second time. I may have had one in the iPad but I do y think I looked at it. They are good though, especially to know how big the baby is. Thanks for linking up #MaternityMondays