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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Sharing a room...

One thing I've been thinking about and have recently starting doing is getting Elliott's bedroom ready for the new arrival. 

We live in a two bedroomed which means sometime this year there will be a 2 year old and a baby sleeping in the one room. A lot of people ask if I am worried the new baby will wake Elliott and vice versa, and to be honest I'm not that worried, but we will cross that bridge when it's here! 

I never knew how much of a hoarder I was until I tacked Elliott's walk in wardrobe though...!!
But a good weekend in and I'm seeing results and his bedroom is almost ready! 

Like I've said previously, we bought him a toddler bed and moved him out of his cot bed as that will soon be used for the new baby. I thought it would have been a struggle but in fact it was the easiest thing ever and the first night in his 'big boy bed' saw an excited little boy sleep for longer than normal! Win win! 

We moved the cot bed back up to the newborn stage - which is incredibly scary as you totally forget that they were that small! So with fresh clean sheets I made up the cot bed and I'm not going to lie, it makes it more real now! 

We still want it to be Elliott's room where he can play and enjoy being in his bedroom so we bought him a little road rug (my brother had one when he was little and loved it - just shows how old they are!) he loves driving his cars around road and making the crash into each other... 

We've not really done anything else as of now, we do need more storage, but as the rooms quite small (well smaller now with two beds!) I think we might put them in his walk in wardrobe. I'm looking for more boys bedroom ideas so if you have any, let me know! We do have a couple of months until the baby is here and he will be in our room for a few months too so we've plenty time.. Right?! 

Do your little ones share a room? Anything we must/mustn't do? I'd love to know!  


  1. How lovely that you are getting everything ready. We are in a 2 bedroom house so if we decided to be brave enough and go for baby number 2 any time soon we would be faced with the same dilemma. I look forward to seeing how it goes for you. Kat x

  2. Aww thank you for your comment. Yes hoping it'll be a breeze but who knows. I'm sure there will be an update in a couple of months! Haha! X

  3. We have a three bedroom house so our plan is, over Easter, to move D and E into D's room. We are doing to paint it and get bunk beds (which D is VERY excited about!)
    The new addition will then move into what is E's room when s/he is sixish months old. We will then move them again once the baby is moved into a bed and if the two that are same gender will have the bunk beds and the other will move into the smaller room.
    lots to do!

    1. Sounds like you've got it sorted! Let me know how the transition goes but by the sound of it they're both excited about sharing a room! Thanks for commenting x