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Monday, 29 February 2016

Preparing For Baby With MAM!

Preparing for a baby can be difficult especially when it's your first! You don't know what you need and everyone that you meet will tell you that you 'need this' and you 'don't need that'.

Second time round I feel we don't need half as much as we did with Elliott! One thing we did need to get were new bottles. We used Tommee Tippee ones for Elliott as at the time I wasn't aware of the wide range of bottles that were out there! Since blogging my eyes have been open and there are lots!!

Although we have kept the Tommee Tippee ones I just felt that this little one needed some new bottles so when MAM sent over the Anti-colic Bottle Starter Set (£32)(*) I was over the moon! 

We love MAM as a brand, since Elliott was a baby we used MAM for almost everything, dummies, teethers, cutlery and bowls - you name it we most likely have it! 
We have never tried the bottles before but I have heard great reviews about them and one of my friends swears by them. 

One thing that really appeals to me about these bottles are the fact they are self sterilising! All you need to do is take apart the bottle by unscrewing the bottom and the teat. Pop some water in the base and put the teat in the bottom of the bottle and pop the lid on the top (make sure you don't screw them together tightly!) then simply pop in the microwave for however many minutes to however many bottle you would like to sterilise and that's it! So simple. 
I'm already thinking this is going to be so handy when we are out and about at family and friends when the baby is still tiny and the bottles need sterilised for every feed. 

Another plus for me is the fact they are anti colic too! Elliott had really bad colic when he was a baby and I believe it was the bottles as when we switched him to anti colic ones he was a much happier baby! So to have anti colic from the start makes me a much happier Mummy and hopefully baby number two is just as happy! 

The starter pack contains a whopping 15 pieces! The pack contains 2x 130ml bottles, 2x 160ml, 4x bottle body 260ml, 4x sealing disks, 1x handles, 1x extra soft bottle spout and 1 0-2 months soother! 

From what is in front of me this looks like a fantastic starter pack and I cannot wait to start using them on baby number two!

We also got a Milk Powder Box (£5.99)(*) and bottle brush, we used a powder box similar to this for Elliott and they are a god send for when out and about and just for easiness! Just pop the amount of powder you need in each compartment and your all set for an 'easy' day!.

A full review of the above will be up once little one is here and I've put them thorough their paces!
 Stay tuned!

What bottles did you use? Have you used the MAM Anti Colic Bottles?

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  1. Oooooo how exciting. They are such a good idea. I had a few problems getting them to be water tight at the bottom though (it was probable me not screwing them on right) but double check as I cried when it was breast milk and it had taken such an effort to get that much and then I spilt it!! #MaternityMondays

  2. love the self sterilising idea, so much easier, we breastfed though so didn't need bottles much, we used Avent ones. #maternitymondays