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Monday, 18 January 2016

For My Mum! #ResolveToRemember

There is nothing more I love than receiving a bunch of flowers from someone - whether it be from Jordan, friends or even my mum. For me flowers can instantly lift my mood and make my really stressful day with a one and a half year old feel like he's been the best behaved boy around!

When I little and we use to go visit friends and family, my mum would always bring a bunch of flowers with her. She would always give them to either my brother or I to hand to that person. I loved doing this, there was something about it that made me feel really special. Since having Elliott, I do exactly the same thing! Since he's that bit older he can actually hand the flowers over in person, and I think he feels exactly how I did as the happiness on his face is just priceless! It's also super cute... I mean who doesn't want a one and a half year old standing at the door with a bunch of flowers?!

So when Bloom and Wild got in touch with their new campaign called #ResolveToRemember, a 
lovely campaign to show that someone you're thinking of them and you've not forgot about them!

I sent a beautiful bouquet flowers to my mum! We see each other weekly and we definitely don't need to resolve anything - I sent them to her for the simple fact that I don't tell her how much she actually means to me!

My mum is truly one in a million, from helping me and my family out if we ever need it to being the best Granny to Elliott. I feel like I need to apologise for being that moody, bitchy 15 year old! There is so much I could say but if I grow up to be half the woman you are then I must be doing something right! So Mum, thank you for everything you've done for me, from the bottom of my heart - I love you.

So, today please let that someone know you're thinking of them, be it a little text, a phone call or even send them a bunch of flowers. I know it'll just make their day!

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