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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

The Wizard Who Could No Longer Fly | A Review

As I'm sure you are all aware by now, we love a good book! I mean two book reviews in a couple of weeks! Like I said in the last review Elliott has been brought up with books, from day one we have read him stories which he enjoys. I actually think Elliott is beginning to enjoy them even more these days, as not only do we have to read them 84628942 times a day, he points to the book to which I say "do you want to read a book?" and with the biggest nod of the head he goes off to retrieve it.

Today's book is a wonderful book by Stacey Kelly called The Wizard Who Could No Longer Fly (£18.99)(*). This is a very special book as not only is beautifully illustrated it's completely personalised to your little toot! 

Your Very Own Story is a super easy website that helps you create a completely unique book for your little boy or girl. All you need to do is add your child's name, gender, their friend or relative and their gender, your child's hometown and a little message which will appear on inside front cover - it's that simple! 

In our story, the Wizard - who is called Elliott - has a broken broom that doesn't fly and with the help of some of his friends, including one of Elliott's friend they manage to get the Wizards broom back flying again! 

I would say this is by far Elliott's favourite book at the moment as he loves reading his book to either Nessie or clambering up on my knee for it to be read to him, I think the big illustrations and the bright colours are fantastic for little ones who cannot read, I'm sure he knows whats going to happen as he gets so excited for the turn of the page, I think it helps that the Wizard is called Elliott for sure! This definitely gets a 10 out of 10 from my little budding reviewer!

Now onto Mummy's review! I love love love this personalised book. Again the bright colours are clear to see throughout the book with the illustrations big and bold making them super eye catching. 
The book is made with thick, uncoated and environmentally friendly paper which is pleasing to touch and feels very good quality!
Another thing that i really like is that there is constant rhyming throughout, I totally get into rhyming books and I think it keeps Elliott's attention more if they rhyme. One thing I noticed that I have never really seen before in such a large book (32pages!) is that instead of cramming a huge paragraph on one page it is spread out over the page in sentences - breaking it up! I think this is great for little ones that are learning to read!

On the whole we both love this book and it will be one that we will be reading over and over for years to come! I can't wait to show him this book in 18 years and see if he squeals with joy every time the page is turned! 

Don't worry if you're little one isn't into Wizards as there is a more girly one where the child is a Fairy! To find out for yourself visit www.yourveryownstory.com or follow them on Twitter @yvo_story for all the latest updates!

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