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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Personalised Christmas Book from Penwizard!

Elliott has been brought up with books from day one, we use to read to him every night - and still do! But book reading doesn't just happen at night time, in fact we find so many books scattered in the living room and his bedroom, if he isn't reading them himself (or to Nessie) he is bring us the book to read to him, which I am more than happy to do!
As Elliott is only one and a half and cannot read, he can look at the bright colour pictures.  I want him to love books as much as I did when I was a kid! My nose was forever in a book! So when Penwizard asked if we would like to review the new personalised Ben and Holly Christmas book (£14.99)(*) I knew Elliott would be more than happy to help out so I quickly agreed. 

The Ben and Holly Christmas book is brand new to the UK and Australia as it was just released the middle of November. 
We received a code from Penwizard to use on their website and begin our personalised book. The website was super easy to use, you choose whether the main character is a boy or girl, we obviously went boy. From there you can either choose if the main character is an elf or a fairy - we went elf as it looked cute. You can also change the colour of hair, eyes and skin tone as well as deciding on what colour of outfit they will be wearing throughout the book.

You then enter in the child's name and a personalised message which will appear on the first page when the book is opened. Once you have entered this information you are done! Payment is fast and easy where you can pay by either Paypal or your Card.
The personalised book came withing 2 days of ordering it - which I think is just fantastic, great for the run up to Christmas! 
As soon as the book arrived Elliott kept pointing at the book so I gave it to him to which he climbed up on our couch and opened the pages with wide eyes. He was chattering away to himself and Nessie of course and it just made my heart melt - I can tell you the book most certainly got the 10 out of 10 from him that's for sure! Once he had given it up it was now Mummy's time to have a look at the book and give my adult opinion! 
The personalised book is called "Elliott's Christmas At The North Pole" I instantly loved it for the fact it has my little boys name printed in big letters on the front cover and even the personalised character I made on the website appears on the front too along with Ben and Holly! 
Throughout the book Elliott's name is heavily involved and the adventure with Ben and Holly is fun and exciting meeting Santa along the way! 

The graphics throughout the book are amazing, very clear with bright eye catching colours. I can tell that the book is very good quality just by feeling the pages as they are thicker than a normal page in his books - great for a child who is very heavy handed when it comes to turning pages! 

I would highly recommend a lovely personalised book to anyone with little ones, imagine their faces when they open up their very own personalised book at Christmas or even to pop into their Christmas Eve box! A classic story that never goes out of style, I know we will be reading this every year to Elliott that's for sure! If you want to grab one, I would do it quickly as the lovely people at Penwizard have offered my readers £3 off all of their books up until the 15th December 2015 by using the code PENWIZARD3
If you want to see for yourself visit www.penwizard.com/uk or to keep up to date with all the latest news follow them on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!

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  1. I really applaud you (as a teacher) for fostering this love of reading early on, it is so important. I also have books everywhere in the house. Personalised books are great and this looks fab, I love Ben and Holly. Thanks for the offer #twinklytuesday

    1. oh yes, we take reading very seriously, i alwasy loved books so i want that to rub off on Elliott and it's working - so far! thanks for commenting! x

  2. I adore Ben & Holly! This would be right up my street! In my Christmas List! Great review and he looks engrossed! #TriedTested #TwinklyTuesday

    1. Aww its great! and it features his name so frequently! defo get it for your little one! Thanks for commenting! x

  3. What a great idea for little ones and I think any little one would be pleased to receive a personalised book in their Christmas eve box. Thank you for the offer too. #twinklytuesday

    1. Oh totally, i think it's even better that its personalised! haha! thanks for commenting x

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