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Thursday, 10 December 2015

Christmassy DIY Handprints!

We haven't done too much Christmassy crafty things this year other than making our own Christmas cards, I will be doing a post on these so don't worry, you can get a nosey! 

This year I found it 100x more difficult to get Elliott to join in with Christmas crafts, it's difficult when he has the attention span of a goldfish!

Although saying that I was all out of ideas this year as last year was Elliott's first Christmas and I wanted to make as many memories as possible and get lots of 1st things made - like the Christmassy Handprint above.

I thought I would share last years post with you again in case you want to do some cute Christmas keepsakes with your little ones! This handprint hung on our tree last year and is hanging proudly on it this year too, it'll be appearing every year that's for sure!

I bought some air drying clay from Hobby Craft and got Elliott to put his hand in it, making sure that he made a dent in the clay. Then once we got the hand print I cut off the excess clay and left to dry for a couple of days turning every so often. They were rock hard in about 3 days, so I just finished them off by painting the handprint red and then once dry painting some red glitter glue on top (the glitter glue wasn't that thick so adding a background colour really helped! I did do a couple of coats of the glitter glue as I wanted the glitter to be super shiny and sparkle with the Christmas tree lights and so they stand out and look so Christmassy! 
I have threaded them with some hard strong rope that you can find in craft shops and I think that just adds something beautiful.

This was so easy to do and a fantastic memory - I can't believe his hands were that small! Like I said these are onto their second Christmas and still look as good as the day they were finished! I absolutely love it! 

If you want to read the original post from last year it is here

Are you making my DIY memories this year?


  1. I just found Molly's handprint bauble from last year. So tiny

    1. They are so cute aren't they! Can't believe how small his hands were!