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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

I'm back and with some news...

As I'm sure you've seen the photo above on Twitter and Instagram so you'll have already guessed what I'm away to tell you all...

Elliott is going to be a big brother next year!

We are all super happy and excited to add to our family in May.

I'm sure you've seen that blogging has taken a total back seat over the last month or so, not posting on the days I normally do, not commenting on the blogs I should, not linking up to the linkies and not checking Twitter or posting photos on Instagram every day.  That is due to becoming so tired during the day and retiring to bed about 9pm every night!

This pregnancy so far has been completely different to when I was pregnant with Elliott, I wasn't tired with him, I could still eat whatever I wanted and I could most certainly hold down a full time job and be in bed around 10/11pm! This time round like I said I'm so tired all day everyday, I have gone off some foods - meat is the biggest one, I'm fine if someone else cooks it but if I were to touch/cook it I wouldn't be able to stomach it and as for a job... my job now is looking after a one year old and I can just about do that! I am so glad he is so independent and naps for a good 3 hours in the afternoon but I do love snuggles on the couch while watching Rio for the 38642398 time!

Before falling pregnant I was blogging away on my laptop nearly every night, if not on my blog I would most certainly be on Twitter, so as of today I think I'm going to blog when I can, I really enjoy blogging so I am hoping I will have a couple of posts up a week but I'm not going to commit to certain days/times... I hope you understand.

While I have been gone I literally just noticed there that we are in the Top 500 of the Tots100! This makes me so so happy! So thank you to each and everyone of you that reads every post and takes the time to comment - you don't know how much it actually means to me! (wow, this pregnancy has made me go all soppy!)

I have tweeked my layout, once again! I feel that not seeing my blog for a while I then realised what I did and didn't like, so I changed the things I didn't like - I hope you do too and it's easier to navigate!

I feel like I'm rambling! Hope you are all well! I'm off to put Rio on for small child and catch up on some blog posts as Bloglovin' tells me I have about 386329 posts to read!


  1. Ooooh I went off meat with M but loved it with F. Tired with M, energy with F.

    1. oh really! you're making me think it's a girl now...

  2. Ahh! Congratulations! I hope the rest of the pregnancy goes well!
    Well done on the Tots score x

    1. aww thank you sweet! I hope so too and hope the tireness eases soon! thanks for commenting x

  3. Awww I totally missed this on social media somehow! Congratulations lovely! How exciting! x

    1. haha no worries! thank you so much! x