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Monday, 10 August 2015


Do you ever have a good few weeks away from blogging to enjoy family time and then when it's time to get your bum back into gear and start up the laptop, you're like... maybe just one more cup of tea and a whole packet of biscuits along with 5 episodes of Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders? No just me! 

I have been meaning to sit down and write this post all week day but I have always found another excuse!

Anyway, we are back from our holibobs!
It was great to get away for a week and enjoy some much needed family time! Jordan has been off for two weeks so I have tried to keep off all social media for that time.  I did update my Instagram a lot but other than that I was pretty quite on that front! 

We went down to the boarders - but still in Scotland. We rented out a static caravan and made the most of it! We were quite worried he wouldn't sleep on his own in a strange place, minus the first night he slept very well, in fact sleeping longer than what he does at home! 10am starts are fine with us little man!

We crammed so much into such a short time and it was just brilliant.  The weather wasn't that great if I'm honest! If it was sunny in the morning it would most likely rain in the afternoon, we did have a couple of days of sunshine which we took full advantage of! 

We visited so many shopping centres and bought WAAAAAY too much for Elliott! (In our whole holiday I don't think Jordan and I bought anything for ourselves - other than food!) He pretty much got a whole new wardrobe - I might do a small haul soon, so keep your peepers peeled! 

We also visited a Safari Park, which was just amazing. I have been before when I was little so taking Elliott there brought back so many memories! He pointed at every animal until we made the sound of that animal, some of which I have no idea what sound it makes.  I mean if you know what noise a giraffe makes speak up! 
Elliott loves walking but we took his pram just in case he was too tired to walk but he walked EVERYWHERE! He slept like a log that night!

When we are on holiday we love to do lots of touristy things, you never know how many beautiful things are round about - Scotland is truly a beautiful place! We visited the Kelpies, went on a canal boat and many other visitor attractions in the area we stayed!

Here's a photo dump... #SozNotSoz

While we were away one of my friends was looking after our cat, on the last day of our holiday our cat went missing! We were so worried that we went out looking for her every day and night. A week later we almost gave up hope when at 4am on morning she came waltzing up to the door meowing! After a pouch of food we realised where ever she had been she was well cared for - she was fatter than we left her anyway! 
A couple of days before she turned up one of our mutual friends contacted us asking if we would take a cat that was abandoned at her farm because her other cat was attacking it. Being the animal lovers we are we agreed. 
Let me tell you her story, its a sad one! 

She was dumped on a farm pregnant, left to fend for herself until our friend saw her massive belly and took her in! A couple of days later she had 8 fluffy kittens (3 of which sadly died) our friend gave them all away to loving homes and keeping one for herself. She was intending on keeping the mum and the kitten but sadly her other cat was not liking the mummy cat and would attack her so she had to give her up too. After contacting all the re homing centres and none being able to take her due to them being full, she was close to dropping her off at the vets that was until we decided to take her off her hands! 
They never gave her a name, so we have called her Penny. She is the most cuddliest, loving cats I've ever seen! As soon as we got her home she snuggled into Jordan purring madly! 

We are all in love with her and glad we gave her a forever home! (sorry I don't have a good photo of her, shes quite camera shy!)

That's whats happened while i have been away... what have you been up too?

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  1. Lovely photos. And now I want to watch Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, lol, it sounds awesome! You are clearly a very bad influence! ;-) xx

    1. Oh it is my guilty pleasure! I am obessed! haha! Thanks for commenting! x