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Monday, 6 July 2015


About this time last year I was most probably doing exactly the same thing I have been doing today. Updating Elliott's Baby Books and Memory Books. 

When I was got these last year - they are both gifts that were given to Elliott when he was born - I opened up the cellophane and opened up the brand new books I was greeted with lots of black spaces when I was to write down memories and milestones.

Fast forward to today, about half of the pages are filled with lots of wonderful milestones that we can look back on and remember when they took place! I was flicking through the pages of one book and discovered that from 5 months onwards every month he had some something new, be it rolling over, crawling, pulling himself up etc. It doesn't feel like he has been on the move that long, but looking back he has! It's scary how time totally flys when you're having fun! 

The first book I updated was the Baby Boy Record Book. I love this book, it is very special to me. It has recorded everything from day 1 up to today. I can see what and who was at his birth (like I'll forget, but still!) his eye colour, hair colour, his first holiday, his first Christmas, his first birthday etc. There are plenty more pages to record his progress up until he is 5 years old. 
I have one of these books from when I was a baby and it's lovely to look over and see who was at your first birthday and what I got for my second Christmas!  I really hope that 10-20 years down the line that Elliott will enjoy looking back at these memories the same way I did! 

The next book is something I have never seen before and didn't have a pen mark in it until today! A book called Our Story For My Son. A hard backed book that also records milestones and memories but in such a great way! It's in the form of a book and you only update it after their birthday every year up until he is 18 years old. We write little snippets of his life under various headings in the book ranging from Family Outings to My Favourite Foods. I really like this, a wonderful book that will be given to Elliott on his 18th birthday - packed with lots of happy memories!

I can't believe that I am writing everything that has happened in his first year, it only seems like yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital! 

Do you keep record books or memory books too? Isn't it so emotional updating it and seeing your baby growing into a little person!!

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  1. I keep meaning to write about Joseph's baby book; it's not the most detailed record ever, but it has some milestones and pieces of info in there that I hope he'll enjoy looking back on one day.

    Hope you're well,
    Nicki - ON THE CHANGING MAT xx

  2. I have a baby album and a scrap book album that I fill in on and off. I'm so pleased my husband has taken all the photos he has as we can look back over her journey and see how much she's changed.