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Monday, 20 July 2015


I did a similar post on Elliott's nap times last year which you can read here. I don't think his nap times have changed all that much, but I use my blog for my personal use too, I want to look back on and see how much he is progressing as sometimes it passes you by and the next thing you know they are off to school!

Now Elliott is a fully walking boy, it keeps him active which in turn tires him out more I think.  I mean if I had half as much energy as him I would be out for a run everyday... Like I said in the first post, no one told me how tiring it is to have a moving child -  I am most definitely more tired now that I have ever been!

I said in the previous post that his nap times were pretty scattered and to suit him - whenever he rubbed his eyes or made his sleepy noise I usually put him down, but now we have structured nap time and it is working fantastically for us, he now knows when it's time for a snooze and is usually seen walking to his room and banging on his cot bars to make us aware that it's nap time!

Elliott usually wakes between 8am - 8:30am, which is fantastic for a mum who loves her sleep! Once awake we get some breakfast usually about 9am then getting changed. If we go out in the morning then he will  miss out on his morning nap which doesn't seem to bother him at all, I feel if we are out he forgets that he is sleepy, whereas if we are in the house bang on 10ish he will start to get tired and proceed to his room where he sleeps for a good couple of hours!
He will sleep until about 11:30am, I don't tend to let him sleep any longer as I want him to be up in time for his lunch at 12 noon.

After lunch he is pretty active and on the go until about 2pm and again he will head to his room and shout 'MUM' until I come through, sometimes he will go down without a peep or sometimes he will moan until I come through with a little milk.  I am trying to get him out of the habit of drinking milk at nap times and 4 out of 7 days he goes down without milk. That will be him out for the count until the back of 4pm, where he will wake ready for some snack!  Like with lunch time, I never let him sleep longer than 4:30pm as I like him to be up and ready for the evening meal at 5pm (Sometimes later depending on when Daddy finishes work)

This is Elliott until bedtime. Bedtime is normally after a good ol' play around with Daddy, who usually makes him more hyper! I'm not too fussed as Jordan doesn't get to see him that much with being out at work the whole day!
We usually wind him down with a bedtime story and once we have done that he gets a bottle of milk in bed at about 7pm.

How long does you're little one nap for? I'd love to know! And what do you do with your time when baby naps?

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  1. We've got all of this to come as new parents, our little one is due in December :). Looks like you've got quite a routine going on though. I suppose I'll be frantically trying to do some chores or grab a shower while our little one is sleeping lol. Can't say I'm not looking forward to everything though cause I really am :). We can't wait until she/he arrives!

    Gem x

  2. sounds like you got a pretty good routine. :) when my toddler was around the same age, we had a pretty similar routine for naps. :) #mummymonday

  3. Ahh I miss my girls napping. They are now 3 and 5 years old so I never really get that time. But in school term I do! :) As they both go to school. My 3 year old is for 2 hours. and 5 year old is 9-3!

    My girls used to nap for about an hour

    Thanks so much for sharing it with us. Hope too see you this Sunday at #justanotherlinky