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Friday, 10 July 2015


I think this is a first, maybe in the history of Fashion Friday (!) that Fashion Friday was shot in less than 5 minutes! Elliott, like most 1 year olds, cant sit for longer than 30 seconds! But today he was very co operative and just sat there quite the thing, usually its 3486395863 photos before we get the one, or in my case two!

We have our drooling child back! Elliott hasn't been bad for dribbling for a couple of weeks but that changed the other day when new teeth started to poke through his poor red gums! I quite liked having  bib free outfits - not that I have anything against them, in fact I really like them but it has just been so long since I saw him in an outfit without a bib permanently attached to his neck!

Hopefully these teeth make their grand entrance in the next couple of days - a teething child is not fun...

I am loving Elliott's outfit this week! So casual yet super cute! Nothing beats jeans, tshirt and a cute bib!

The T Shirt is from George at Asda (£6), which came in a pack of three. I love the material of them, so light and almost see through. It's great for the summer months! This has to be one of my favourite colours on Elliott too! I really like Asda's clothes, we have only just discovered that he now fits into the 'big boy' section of the aisle!

Jeans are from F&F Tesco (£8), which I LOVE! I cannot seem to get enough of them just now, I feel like he is always in them at the moment and people are going to start to wonder if he has any other trousers! haha! I think this is going to be like the jeans with braces all over again! How cute little patchwork! I have already bought these in the next size up too...

The beautiful teal coloured bandana bib from Funky Giraffe (£5)(*), with so many bibs to choose from - you'll find it hard to only pick one! We have a couple and they are gorgeous, very soft and incredibly absorbent. I find with the Funky Giraffe bibs I don't need to be constantly changing them, bibs usually last a couple of hours before they are soaking - not with these beauties!! The one shown is from the bamboo bandana range which are made from bamboo this means they really are the ultimate luxury item for your baby and not only that they are also good for the environment too because the growth cycle of bamboo is utterly sustainable.

I have to add in the socks as they are just super cute! I'm not sure where they are from as Elliott got these from my friend for his birthday. They are fleece lined so cosy toes! We are loving the tractor print too!

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  1. So cute! Loving his style! #PicknMix x

  2. What a super comfy but cute outfit. I love funky giraffe for bibs, we have quite a few from there and they are really good. I hope the teeth come through soon. I love the jeans, the patchwork is cute. #weekendministyle

  3. such a cute little outfit, Emily is teething too, her top two teeth are coming through! I have lots of dribble bibs on hand though because I hand-make them. So much easier than having to buy them. xx
    Steph | www.raisingemily.net

  4. Very cute. I love those jeans, he looks like such a dude!! :-) xx


  5. I love that top, ASDA have some great boys clothes in at the moment. When we're staying in I always opt for comfy stuff with Joey

  6. Check him out sitting still! What a lovely little poser! Aw I hope the teeth come through asap bless him. I know what you mean about dribble bibs. I do love a dribble bib but I get sick of them clashing with outfits sometimes. What a lovely, comfy outfit outfit you've got going on there. The jeans are fab. I love the different washes of denim on them. How cute are the socks too!! Thanks so much for linking up and hope you had a great weekend xx #weekendministyle

  7. Aww he is such a cutey, Ava isn't very dribbly, but I do love the bandana bibs. I'm waiting for her to make up for it when the teeth start coming Thanks so much for linking to #PickNMix

  8. Such a cute outfit, and gorgeous boy! Thanks for linking up with me and Mummy and Monkeys for #PicknMix Fridays!

    Stevie xx

  9. He must be getting to like his modelling sessions! Such an adorable outfit! Thanks for linking up to #frifree4all