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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Kleenbots Nappies - A Review!

As a mummy of a Baby who wears nappies 23.5/7 (there is about half and hour when Baby E is nappy free after bath time!)

Finding the right nappy that works for you and your baby is a tricky task which results in buying so many different brands of nappies and then find unused packet of nappies with a couple removed to try - just our house then?!

Trial and error is a big part of it to be honest, But i have found the perfect solution and it will save you scouring the supermarkets and having packets of unused nappies lying around!
The answer? Kleenbots!

Kleenbots are a nappy brand which send boxes of 180-300 nappies straight to your door with no fuss! Simply choose the correct size of nappies that will fit your little ones bum and enter your details and that's it! Simple!
Better still, instead of buying a box of nappies that you or your little one might not like, you can buy a trial pack to see if the nappies are for you - nothing lost at all and you wont have a box of unused nappies lying around!

We were sent a trial pack and I have to say that are up there with one of our favourites!
We love the fact that they are soft and ultra slim, meaning you don't have to struggle with the vest to get it over the big bulky nappy - even when wet it's not big or heavy! Another thing we REALLY like is the wetness indicator.  When Baby E was newborn most of the nappies came with a wetness indicator but since he is in bigger nappies they don't seem to come with one. This is something that I look for when looking for nappies, so this was a big plus for us!

The nappy itself stood the test of time, once the nappy was full (you could clearly see there was pee inside the nappy) he was completely dry, to the point that the talcum powder was still visible on his skin! There is zero leakage - even over night!

The one thing I loved was the elastic waistband! Why have other brands not thought about this?! I think it makes all the difference with the refasten able tapes and the lock in leg cuffs so its completely secure.

Prices for a box of nappies start at £31 - £41. I do find it is slightly on the pricey side but then you are getting 300 nappies right to your door. The nappies are brilliant and unique and I have not seen any like this before, so for that i cant complain. After all it's quality not quantity!

To find out for yourself visit www.kleenbots.uk or follow them on Twitter @kleenbots for all the latest updates!
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  1. What a great idea, lugging big packs of nappies around was one of the worse things for me!

    Thanks for linking to #toddlerapprovedtuesday this week, Leandra & Becky xx

    1. Yes and it for me! Also the choice out there is massive so it's easier for me doing it this way!
      They are great nappies too!

      Thanks for commenting! xx

  2. Oh, this is great! They sound perfect and £41 for 300 nappies isn't too shabby. I think I may look at getting a trial pack for Luke and see how things go - the wetness indicator sounds wonderful. :D Great review, it's convinced me to give them a go haha. Thanks for linking up to #ToddlerApprovedTuesday Ray xx

  3. This isn't a nappy brand I've come across before and I've certainly tried a few over the last 6 years!