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Monday, 25 May 2015

Is his name 'No'?

For a long time I was sure Baby E thought his name was 'No'! Every second word that came out my mouth was 'No' and I'm sure at one point he responded to it!

It's not that he was a 'bad/naughty' baby, He was just pushing the boundaries I think. We have a fire place with candles and the like. It wasn't a issue up until a couple of months or so when he started exploring the house, and as soon as his little chubby hands touched the candles he was obsessed (!) with picking them up every 4.5 seconds. I still have no idea why I am not a size 8 by now with all the running around I do after him! - Oh wait, it's the packet of biscuits that are in my hand...

After a couple of weeks of constant going back and forth to the fire place and removing the candles from his vice like grip he soon got the message that this was in fact not the way to go in life. 
Some of you might say that we should have moved them from his reach, but I wanted to display them for one and he would soon realise that he wasn't to touch them and I do want him to understand he cant touch everything he sees. 

This was when he spotted our storage heater... fan-flipping-tastic! Although he didn't poke things into it or anything he started to use it as a prop to get himself into the standing position! The one good thing is our heater is usually off so it wasn't the issue about him burning himself, more the fact that I don't want to be out and Baby E spots a heater and instantly puts his fingers on it. 

My No-ing must have worked as *touch wood* he hasn't gone near it again...

Although saying that am I a lot more exhausted come 6pm after the amount of running around I do, I would say that I am lot more tired than what I was when Baby E was a few weeks old. I feel like I was bright eyed and bushy tailed when he was a newborn and lately I have been a PJ wearing, no make up, not showered in a couple of days kinda mummy. Ew how rank do I sound...! 

But this is in fact the truth, it is getting more and more difficult to grab a quick shower these days, I mean I can get a shower about 10:30am when Baby E is napping but I usually find 101 things I need to do before small child wakes! 
Another thing I cant seem to do on my own is going to the toilet, in fact I get an audience! Aren't I lucky... 
It's great when Baby E is not in arms reach and throwing everything into the bath and finding the new rolls of toilet roll to unravel!  - This is not fun, ever! He knows he's doing it too as he smirks at me and awaits my 'No' yet, he still unravels it! *fist shake*

Saying that he has started to understand things we say and responds in the correct manner - he has even started to pass us things we've asked for. He will go get a book, a toy or something we have pointed too. He will either crawl with it in his hand or more funnier in his mouth - yes like a dog...! 
He also grabs Daddy's slippers too and tries to slip them on his feet which is just the cutest!

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  1. Ah I think our little boys must be sort of the same age? Mine is 10 months and I'm totally with you on the not getting anything done and feeling more tired than before!!

    1. Yes, he is just 3 weeks shy of a one year! Oh totally, its a nightmare! haha! Hopefully he will soon learn! haha! Good luck with your 10 month old! :) xx

  2. Haha I say No to M and she sees that as an excuse to try even harder (with a giggle along the way)

    1. Oh same with Baby E! He even smirks and looks at me before doing it! haha!! Good luck with M!