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Thursday, 2 April 2015

Painting Eggs for Easter!

I have been looking forward to Easter for last last few weeks, as this is Baby E's first one!

As a child my brother and I loved painting hard boiled eggs and my parents would hide them in the garden for us to find - hours of fun! Only because mum said there was another one hiding somewhere - but there wasn't!!

Although, Baby E is still too young to really understand, we will be painting eggs for the picnic we are having with one set of Grandparents this weekend! 

I bought 6 eggs in hope that this would be enough, it wasn't as 2 of them crack in the pot when boiling them - Glad we did this today and not Saturday as that would have been one mad rush! So in the end I used 8 eggs!

Once they had been boiling for a good 10 mins! I didn't want to risk them being a little soft. I let them cool for most of the morning into the afternoon. They have to be cold before painting so I've been told!

I stripped Baby E down and we got to work! I painted his hands and let him hold it so he could transfer the paint onto the egg. This seemed to work quite well for us and there were several occasions where the egg (and paint) would be in the mouth. We used baby friendly paint too.

We left them to dry for the remainder of the day in egg cups. And Voila!

What do you think? I think I'll be signing him up to an artist school soon....

Baby E and I hope you all have a lovely Easter and eat lots of chocolate eggs!

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