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Monday, 20 April 2015

New Reads!

As I'm sure you are all aware - we love books! I co host a linky on a Saturday called Weekend Book Club and I am constantly reading all the linked book reviews and we have picked up some that have been featured! 

I thought I would share with you some books we have both been loving over the past few weeks!

The first one is called Little Fireman and is a hard book (we can't have paper pages as Baby E likes to rip them out...) The Little Fireman is a rhyming book, and rhyming books are a big favourite in our house! The Book is about a day with a fireman - he saves a cat stuck in a tree, he rides in his big red fire engine. We love it and have read it over and over again over the past week! 

Next is one that Baby E picked himself - he nabbed it off the shelf! It is called Baby's First touchy-Feely Colours Play Book. The colours are bright and vibrant and keep Baby E focused. On each page there is a something to feel or a flap to open. Baby E's finger is always tracing every page in hope of finding a new feel. This is not so much of a story as there are no words really - a few sayings and that's about it - it's more of a touchy feely book. This book is forever lying on the floor as Baby E seems to be drawn to it!

Lastly another book which I bought for Baby E due to the googly eyes is called Dinky Dino - A dinosaur trying to find his friend Dotty, on the way they meet new dinosaurs that lead Dinky to Dotty! The googly eyes keep Baby E amused, although the story gets you to move the book so the eyes move it's quite difficult to do this and keep Baby E focused - so now I just let him feel the eyes and if he wishes to shake the book to get them to move, he can! 

Remember to add your book reviews to #weekendbookclub on Saturday!


  1. Awww some cute looking books there

  2. some fab books there, Love the Usborne one xx

  3. those look a lovely selection of books. I miss those type now that my youngest son is progressing onto chapter books #weekendbookclub