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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Nap times!

Something every parents loves is a baby who naps! I only really looked forward to nap time recently when Baby E started being on the move and getting into everything! No one told me how tiring it can be!

Baby E has been pretty good with nap times as of late, we use to just put him down when he rubbed his eyes or made his sleepy noise but that has now changed! I put him down at certain times and it's working a treat.

Baby E usually wakes between 8am - 8:30am, which is fantastic for a mum who loves her sleep! Once awake we do the morning routine (breakfast, getting changed etc) and after a play with all the toys - usually resulting in him pulling all the toys out of the toy box and then becoming sleepy...
Around about 10am - 10:30am I usually put him down for a nap. He goes down without a fuss and is usually sound asleep in 10 minutes of going down. I have popped some toys in his cot for him to play with and he does most mornings!
This is when I get myself ready for the day (unless I get up earlier than him if we have somewhere to be!) I never knew how wonderful it was to get dressed in peace and not constantly running after a small baby with one arm in one sleeve and one arm out...
He will sleep until about 11:30am, I don't tend to let him sleep any longer as I want him to be up in time for his lunch at 12 noon.

After lunch he is pretty active and on the go until about 2pm and then it's time for a nap - much to my enjoyment! Sometimes he goes down instantly, sometimes he gives a bit of a cry - if this carries on for 15 minutes plus I will give him some milk which usually knocks him out!
He will snooze for a good couple of hours, normally waking about 4pm - 4:30pm. Like with lunch time, I never let him sleep longer than 4:30pm as I like him to be up and ready for the evening meal at 5pm (Sometimes later depending on when Daddy finishes work)

This is Baby E until bedtime. Bedtime is normally after a good ol' play around with Daddy, who usually makes him more hyper! I'm not too fussed as Daddy doesn't get to see him that much with being out at work the whole day!
We usually wind him down with a bedtime story and once we have done that he gets a bottle of milk in bed at about 7pm.

How long does you're little one nap for? I'd love to know! And what do you do with your time when baby naps?

Mami 2 Five


  1. Ahhh I miss my girls having naps....I used to catch up on the housework and have a cuppa and just relax x

    1. You're girsl dont take naps!!?? how do you cope, or are the older! hahaha!
      I love having a bit of me time in the afternoon!

      Thank you for commenting xx

  2. Aidan's naps have gone terrible now that he is cutting teeth (I think) so I might try this routine and see how it works! Love reading other babies routine it really helps xx

  3. Thank you for your lovely comment! Oh no! I think Baby E slept more when he was cutting his first tooth! so good luck s teething is horrible on you and baby!! xx