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Thursday, 5 March 2015

February Favourites!

I think I say this every month, but how can we possibly be in March already! March!! It's scary how quickly time flys. Before having Baby E my days were long and my weeks felt like they were never ending! I was at work so that's maybe how I felt like this, but as soon as I gave birth to Baby E time never seems to stay still! And her we are three months into 2015!

Here's what we have been loving throughout February...

The first are essentials for this weather. We are loving going out while it's been dry and sunny. It's still rather chilly, so to keep Baby E warm and cosy I pop on this cute little hat! I bought this when Baby E was a couple of months old as it was in the sale last year. It is from F&F at Tesco, i think I got it for a couple of pounds. It has been a staple in our change bag as you never know when you need a warm cosy hat! He looks so cute in it and I will definitely be sad when he out grows it as I haven't seen another one yet!  So if you know where I can get another or you have one that you are away to throw out - please send it my way!

Another essential item that Baby E wears everyday are these cute little first walker shoes from Mothercare (£10). I know you are not suppose to buy shoes for them until they are established walking, but we felt he wanted to walk more outdoors like if we went to the park and the pram shoes - with the soft soles were crumbling under foot and got very wet and dirty and I felt they didn't give him the support he needed for walking. These are ideal and he loves wearing them and they are just so cute!

Next is one that smells AMAZING! I did a post on Burts Bees Baby Bees here. I cannot tell you how great these products are. The smell alone makes me love it! This also benefits Baby E too - haha! The Bubble Bath (£9.99)(*) creates so much bubbles and we all know how much Baby E loves his bubbles! It also makes his skin super soft and silky like. It's just brilliant and I have even caught Daddy using it! We have almost used it all up, and I know I will most definitely be repurchasing it!

Something we have just discovered in the last couple of weeks and I HAD to include it today, are the Organix Goodies! We bought these on a whim one day when we were out and Baby E was a bit peckish. We now have a big lover of the Carrot Sticks and the Tomato Noughts and Crosses. These are so handy when dishing out the main meal and it's slightly too hot, so while I'm cooling it down Baby E is happily munching away, where are before he would have been moaning as he could see his food, yet couldn't get it! This is something that will be on our shopping list for the foreseeable future!

Lastly is something that Baby E has been enjoying. A ball. Something so simple as a ball! We bought this last year but he never took any notice of it - that was until a couple of weeks ago when he rediscovered it in his bedroom. He loves to hold it and 'throws' it at us. He waves his arms around and it rolls away so he will crawl to it and hit it again and crawl after it - hours of fun! He is pretty independent so he enjoys playing with this by himself but equally he enjoys playing 'pass the ball' with Mummy and Daddy!

What have you been loving through out February?

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