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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

What's in my change bag?

As I'm one of those mummies that like to have a nosey at what other mums carry in their change bag. So I thought I would show you what is in mine! 

I remember when Baby E was a newborn and my changing bag was bursting at the seams - I carried everything!!
Now I don't need to carry as much, I sort of know what he will need and doesn't need for that outing.

I have changed bags since the newborn stage and have a cute little satchel style one which is just the perfect size for all our things. I bought the spotty mint coloured bag from Home Bargains for about £10. It has two compartments at the front (Which have the buckles attached to them) which had me sold as I could easily put bottles in them!

Now to what I actually keep in my bag! 

I always, always carry 5 nappies. don't know why 5, but I have done it since he was a newborn and have continued to carry the same amount.  I don't think you can every have enough nappies when out with you!

Along with nappies I always have a packet of baby wipes. You never know when they will come in handy! Wiping down messy faces, cleaning the tables - you name it, I'm sure I have used a baby wipe for it! And if I'm out and run out I have a slight panic... not even joking! 

Talcum powder is one that is in there for good measure, I don't actually use it when out to be honest, but if we are at the grandparents house and he happens to have a bath I use Talc on him, so it's there for that reason! 

Anti Bacterial hand sanitiser has come out of my handbag and gone straight into the change bag as soon as he was born! I am not a germaphobe or have and OCD, but I do like to occasionally sanitise my hand when I have used the public toilets and the like. Or if we happen to do a quick nappy change while in the car (...you've all done it!) 

My purse. Not much to say about it. Other than I'm loving the nautical theme just now and when I spotted it I knew it had to be mine! 

A spare set of clothes, I only had a tshirt in there as when we were out of lunch the other day he decided that Egg Mayo would look better on his trousers than in his mouth!*fist shake*

Muslin cloths are one of those staple items for me, when Baby E was a couple of months old he had bad acid reflux and was being sick after every bottle so a muslin cloth was a necessity. It's always handy to have for those spit up while out and about!

Just now we are still getting over a cold and a packet of tissues was in every jacket pocket I owned! So obviously I had to pop one in my change bag for all those snottery noses! I just bought cheap ones from Primark, and must admit they are lovely! 

Mittens are something that has just crept in there recently, due to the icy cold weather we are having. I needed to put an extra pair in just in case we forgot to put some on or if it had gotten colder while we were out, just easier to have a spare pair! These are also from Primark, two in a pack for 99p - you can't go wrong! 

Suncream is kept in one of the pockets that I mentioned above.  I don't think I will use it for the next few months anyway! 

A spoon has recently been a staple in my change bag, I never realised how much I rely on spoons when out. They are so handy if you are out for a meal and don't want them to use their fingers! And a couple of times since I have been out the nice waiting staff have offered to wash it for me! I highly recommend to keep a spoon in your bag if you don't already!

The last thing that is in my bag but I rarely use and normally forget about it, is a reusable bag! I got this one from Daddy's parents when they went on holiday in Paris. 

And that sums up everything in what is in my change bag!  Not very interesting at all. But if you are like me you'll have liked to have a nosey! 

What do you carry in yours?


  1. So that's what you mums keep in there! I like how you always have 5 nappies but don't know why - creature of habit eh?! You asked what other people carry - this is a post I did about what I keep in my bag - be warned there is A LOT of stuff http://thedadventurer.com/birth/inside-murky-world-dads-changing-bag/

  2. We always keep five nappies in the change bag too - I also couldn't tell you why five. Haha! Feels like a good number to me.

    It's funny, because a spare set of clothes is obviously one of the essentials for a change bag, but in the 14 months we've had Alexander we've never once used the spare set, surprisingly.

    We recently switched from out original change bag to a smaller one. We opted for a little character backpack instead of an actual change bag as I still use my own handbag as opposed to using the change bag for both of our things. Tried it, forgot a lot, never again. Haha!