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Monday, 2 February 2015

January Favourites!

Can you believe that we are already one month into 2015 already!

This year I plan to be a bit more organised with these posts and write down the things we are loving instead of doing it the day before the end of the month... so here are the things we have been loving throughout January.

One thing I have been loving is arranging photos in photo frames! I feel so relaxed when doing it and really enjoy picking which photo gets to be put into that frame and where in the house it will sit!
I am loving these vintage style frame, I am going for the black and white theme as I think photos look amazing in them and I have some photos that are black and white and they look amazing in a black or white frame! I buy all my photographs from the app FreePrints. If you haven't tried the app I highly recommend getting it, you get so many free prints per month and you only have to pay for postage!

Baby E is loving his Penguin slippers, they are a Christmas present from Granny and Grandad and they are well and truly loved by my little man! They are the brand Snuggies. I have never tried this brand before and after seeing these I will definitely be buying more for him. Sadly I don't think they will fit him for much longer as his feet are constantly growing! But for now they also look super cute on.. well for as along as they stay on his feet and not make they're way to his mouth!

I have done a post on Baby E's sippy cup here, but I had to feature this in our favourites as it is one of Baby E's favourites this month! We got the Mickey Mouse sippy cup from Home Bargains for about £2! Absolute bargain if you ask me! I will be buying another one for sure. The amount of times it has been dropped and it shows no sign of breaking (like our last branded one did) Baby E is also a big fan of Mickey Mouse so that was probably what sold it to him! haha!

Dribble bibs are a god send just now! Baby E has been teething for a while now, and has good days and bad days. Just now though, he is one drooling baby! If I don't put a dribble bib on him in the morning, I can guarantee that his top will be soaked with drool within the hour! We have a variety of brands and designs, ranging from 99p - £5+. I think that a simple/cute/funky dribble bib can make an outfit - oh and they are practical!

My little baby boy is 7 months now and has just gone up a size in clothes. It's a little bitter sweet but I am loving all the new outfits he's got! Especially these cute little shoes! He was really bad with shoes and was constantly kicking them off and I would be forever seeing one foot with a shoe on and one with only a sock! But just now he is all for having shoes on - must be the colder weather!

Another thing that I think I would be lost without just now are baby wipes! I have a very messy eater just now and I am constantly whipping them out to clean his dirty face! They are so handy that I pretty much use them for anything now! I think we have a packet in each room of our house - not even joking!

Well, that's another month over and done with... Lets see what we are loving in February!


  1. Ours is 6 months and I can relate to a lot of that. What a shame we don't both have shares in baby wipes!

    1. oh i know! wouldn't that be great!! Even buy one get 20 free?! Hope you all fine!
      Thanks for commenting :)

  2. Do you know where you can buy the brand Snuggies from? I know they were a present but I was just wondering because I've been looking for a good pair of slippers for Alexander for ages now and haven't come across many in his size.

    I've been updating Alexander's clothes gradually as he'll soon be moving in to the next size - 18 - 24 months (crazy!) and I just love shopping for children's clothes! Ah, the day will come when he doesn't want mummy to pick his clothes anymore...
    Bits & Bobs