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Thursday, 18 December 2014

Bath time is fun time!

Bath time in our household is, messy, wet and fun with lots of laughs added in!

I usually hold Baby E under the arms while we wash him and let him have a good ol' splash around, but recently I have been finding it more and more difficult holding him while he's wanting to be that bit more independent and his splashes are becoming more like tidal waves! 

We have been looking around for a bath seat for a while but decided to wait until the January sales as I know the price will be slashed! 
I mentioned the bath seat to my friend and she told me that they have one and that their daughter doesn't like using it, so said we can borrow it. 

The seat is exactly what we were needing, we popped him in the bath seat that night and he took to it like a duck to water! He loved kicking his legs and having a splash around and I didn't have to be constantly holding onto him - which I think he liked. 

The only thing was that he kept sliding down and his bits were getting squashed on the bar that was between his legs! The next time we used the seat we put a face cloth on it and that gave his bum a bit more grip and no more squashed bits! 

I am so happy that he loves it and it has made bath time so much more fun! Now we are off to get some more rubber duckies, as one just isn't enough!


  1. This is really handy. Arjun has been in a bath support since he was born and now that he's sitting up we're trying to encourage him to sit freely but he gets so upset so we're still using the support! This sounds like a perfect idea as it means he's sitting up but also has a sense of security. Any ideas where I can get one?x

    1. Aww it's so exciting when they're trying to be independant! I got mine from my friend, but just search baby bath seat - I've seen them in mothercare and toys r us! Hope you find one! Xx