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Monday, 15 December 2014

6 Months Old

Woah! When did my teenie tiny baby turn into a little boy?! I cannot believe we've reached the 6 month mark!
It's been such a whirlwind 6 months, I feel like I was just pregnant last month, but yet here I am starring at my little 6 month old!

Baby E has come on leaps and bounds and we are loving every smile and every laugh - or squeal!
This month has been the one that I feel has made him into this little boy with loads of character, he has had so many firsts and totally grew in confidence.

He had his first shot in a shopping trolley and wasn't strange with it, took it in his stride and he enjoyed a different view while out doing the weekly food shop.  I continue to put him in the trolleys when out and about, makes shopping so much easier and Baby E enjoys himself!

We've also tried a variety of foods for breakfast, he is a big lover of foods and will eat anything you put down in front of him, which is great!  I was a really fussy eater when I was little and my mum was constantly preparing two meals - this is not something I want to do with Baby E so getting him to try new thing daily is helping give him more tastes into his meals. The other day he tried a Tuna and Sweetcorn sandwich, it was pretty messy but he enjoyed himself and ate a good deal I would say! So as of today we are giving him 'adult' food, which I am excited to do!

Teething has been a big subject this month, and I can safely say this has been the worst month for this! We are back on track and I have a happy, smiley boy.  But boy, was it hard! Lots and I mean LOTS of sleepless nights, which was tough on both us and Baby E! Going from having a baby that sleeps all night to waking every hour was not fun! But I am glad we have passed that and I now have a sleeping all night baby again!
I have to say teething gel was and still is my best friend!

We are all so excited for Christmas this year with it being Baby E's first.  We put up the Christmas tree and he was in awe of all the lights, like he was mesmerised by it all. We made Christmas hand prints, which I made using air drying clay and painted with red glitter and have hung it on a branch of the tree.  This will be going on the Christmas tree every year and I will make it a tradition in our household!

Although something I will not be making a tradition is the tantrum we had, our first! Thankfully we have not had a repeat! He must have been having an off day!

The BIGGEST milestone this month is that my little boy is now sitting all by himself!
He has been trying to sit for a while and has been working hard to get it right and then one afternoon - BAM! He's sitting all by himself!
He now sits at any given opportunity and is becoming more and more independent. He loves to play with his toys and tell them stories!  It's just too cute!

He has just started a new thing which is screeching at the top of his voice! He is so happy and just squeals!
I'm pretty sure the neighbours think I'm murdering him! He gets so excited when I read him bedtime stories that he squeals with every page turn!

I still can't get my head around the fact I have a 6 month old! Here's to the next 6 months!


  1. They grow up and change in a blink of an eye, don't they? My baby is now two and talking, running, jumping and singing nonstop. Thanks for linking up to #SundayStars

    1. Oh they do! Oh really! Thats a great age though! But i would like to keep my teenie tiny baby though... :) haha. no problem x