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Friday, 24 October 2014

Halloween Footprints

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I am forever looking at ways do things with Baby E so we have something to look back at when he's older.
Everything is brand new to him, his first Halloween, his first Bonfire Night and most importantly his first Christmas! 

I want to capture every moment as he is growing up far to quickly for my liking, so today my friend and her daughter came over and we made salt dough hand and footprints with the intention of painting them Halloween-y colours. 

We made the salt dough by mixing 1 cup of salt, two cups of flour and one cup of water in a bowl until it went into a ball.
My friend Shona (@trainingmummy) had made this before and said her batch was much thicker than ours so we added more flour. Eventually we got it to the right consistency and set to work getting both Baby E and Molly's hand and footprints! FYI handprints are very difficult but the footprints turned out brilliantly! 

We put them into the over on the lowest setting for about 3-4 hours until they had hardened. I took them out the oven and let them cool, by this time Shona and Molly had gone home so I decided I would start painting Baby E's prints!

The outcome I think is great! I may need to do two coats as the photograph above is only one coat. 
I think I may write 'Baby E's 1st Halloween' in the middle.

What do you think? 

I will definitely be doing some more at Christmas time and painting them green and red! 

I love this little keepsake and will be bringing it out every Halloween! 


  1. Love them! On each toe you could use green to add pumpkin stalks (is a stalk?) or tiny pumpkin eyes

    1. I thought of this after I had gone all orange! Great idea though! Just means we will hand to do more!! :)

  2. This is such a gorgeous idea, plan to do all these things with my baby brother xx


    1. Aww! It's a great keepsake and can be looked at in the years too come! They don't stay baby's for long! Thanks for commenting xo