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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Review; Lipcote


I am pretty sure you are all aware that I am a lover of all lipsticks or a 'Lipstick Junkie', I do not call myself this, my lovely other half does!
Apparently he doesn't think it is acceptable to be carrying about 8+ lipsticks in your bag at any one given time... is this not the norm for a beauty blogger? Who knew!

Well when this came through my letterbox I was more than thrilled.

Lipcote - £3.69 (*) states that is is the Original Lipstick Sealer and Secret of Lasting Lipstick.
Who doesn't want longer lasting lipstick?!
On paper this seemed right up my street and I couldn't wait to try it out!


I decided to try this out the next day, I put my lipstick on as normal, blotted it (it states to do this, I think it might help make your lipstick last longer) then applied the Lipcote.
At first the scent is very, very strong, and smells very alcoholic, but none the less I applied it to my lips, which was a very strange feeling, I wouldn't say was a painful sore, more like a 5 second tingle. But was very unpleasant the first time I used it.
This then leave an almost film like layer over my lips which is un noticeable but you can feel it if you were to run your tongue over your lip.

After my lunchI did reapply my lipstick and Lipcote and it generally did last until i finished work a 5pm, but at the end of the day my lips felt very sticky and had gone that 'bitty' way - which is really not a good look.

I also thought I would do the 'cup test' as with every lipstick I use, I always get the dreaded lipstick mark on the cup.
I had hardly any transferring of my lipstick on the cup! Which is brilliant, as before using this, the cup was covered with lipstick and was quite an embarrassing sight sitting on my desk at work!

My overall opinion is I am still very unsure of this product.
I think this has been the only time I am torn between a product.
I mean Lipcote does do what it states it does, makes your lipstick last longer, there is none or hardly any transferring when eating/drinking, but the strong smell of alcohol is very off putting, especially if you are into natural things and don't want to be putting chemicals on your lips, as that is essentially what you are doing. Then something that I don't understand is that you have to blot your lipstick, reapply then blot again... why do you need to blot? The whole reason I wear lipstick is for brighter, fuller lips, which most of my lipsticks do, I don't own many matte lipsticks as I like the shine you get from them, so once you blot the excess off you blot the shine and some of the lipstick off too. So I wasn't really getting the full effect of my lipstick, lastly I didn't like the fact that after a few hours, and sometimes after eating my lips became 'bitty' like I said above, and all I can explain it to you is that it feels like my lipstick has clumped together which made me paranoid and I was constantly looking in my mirror - which I don't do when I only use lipstick.

So, as you can see, I am so unsure about Lipcote, I love the idea, it is amazing at keeping the lipstick in place, I just wish that I didn't have to blot my lipstick off before applying and if only it didn't leave my lips 'bitty' I would be completely sold!

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