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Monday, 7 April 2014

Review; Collection Smokey Eyes Kit

With the summer months approaching, my normal make up is slightly changing, i am really loving the golden smokey eye for the up and coming warmer months, so with this i bought the Collection Smokey Eyes Kit.

The Collection Smokey Eyes Kit comes with instructions on how to apply on the back, and inside there are nine different shades which can create the smokey eye effect.

The kit looks very stylish and i have kept it in my make up bag since i purchased this little beauty. The kit is a very good size to fit perfectly into any make up bag and the shades that come with the Collection Smokey Eyes Kit are to die for!

Lets talk about the shades now, shall we? First of all you start with the Medium shade to swipe over the lid of your eye to create a base colour. I have been loving the middle one as it has a sort of gold shimmer through it so warms my completion. The Dark shades are to highlight your crease, so with a different brush i use the middle Dark shade to blend into my crease. And the light shades are to pop on your brow bone and the corners of your eyes to create a lovely highlight. I use the middle shade again as the pink is a lovely warm/softer look.

These colours are so easy to blend and are lovely to work with.  I have only just purchased this and used the 3 that i said above, but hopefully there will be an occasion i can try them all out as i don't think i will be disappointed - that's for sure!

The kit comes with a double ended brush that you can use, but i prefer my own brushes as i know i can work with them better to create a lovely softer look.

I am very pleased i purchased the Collection Smokey Eyes Kit as i can see me using this for a very long time, the shades are just so wearable for any occasion.
The kit cost roughly £5 which i don't think is too bad considering you are getting nine little pans!


  1. What an absolute bargain?! I love smokey eyes too xxx

    1. That's exactly what I was thinking! Thanks for the comment sweetie! Xxx

  2. £5 is fab for such a lovely palette.
    I love Collection :)

    1. I'm a lover of collection too, so affordable yet so lovely!!
      Thanks for the comment love xxx